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DLC Performance Coatings

DLC, or Diamond-Like-Coating, is an amorphous carbon nanocomposite coating creating a very hard and low-friction surface. DLC is the industry standard for performance coatings on fork lowers and shock shafts (steel parts only).

* Read the description below for important information!

Looking for fork upper and shock body coatings? Check out KyoKote coating.

  • $499.95 (Fork Tubes)
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Product Description, Information, and Details

* DLC coating services do NOT include disassembly of your parts. These prices assume you are sending us tubes/shafts with all other components (seals, bushings, valving, fork lugs, etc.) removed (as shown in the images). We do offer fork lug removal and re-installation, on WP fork tubes only, for an additional fee (please add this item to the shopping cart separately). Allow up to 2 weeks turn around time for DLC services. Prices include return ground shipping within the continental USA.

DLC is quite thin. Be warned that DLC is only .00014 inches (.0035 mm) thick and will not smooth out nicks or scratches in your parts; the nicks and scratches will be coated the same color as the rest of the part but will remain visible. For this reason we only recommend sending new or like-new parts. DLC is only available in a black color. Titanium-Nitride and other similar processes produce other colors such as gold, rainbow, and blue, but do not perform nearly as well.

Do you have more than one set of parts to coat? We offer quantity discounts on all coatings and dealer pricing for approved accounts, please contact us for more details.

In a rush? Want a faster turn around? If you have brand new parts to coat, we can swap your tubes for our in-stock coated tubes to significantly reduce the lead-time. This applies to new parts only and to what stock we have on hand at the time of your order.

Luxon Description DLC Performance Coating
Weight No increase vs. Stock
Stock Weight N/A